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Sally reached for a comb. She knocked over a creamy statuette of two faceless lovers fused in a kiss. The statuette floated off & through the hatch to the hallway, her nudge had unfixed the fixative that held the duo-figurine to the sill. She saw it settle by a picture of a park she had put up in the living room for some reason. She wept about the lack of living that was going on anywhere in this spacecraft, & for how long she had longed to stroll around that park holding hands & pointing at geese. She’d never seen a geese, or a hand other than other her own - hands. All she had for reference was the statuette & the details that she could infer from its soft curves & her own more specific body. She couldn’t know whether the figures fused at the hip cos thats how affection goes, or if it simply stood for affection, in the way she'd seen things stand for other things.


She kept crying, The tears would soon slip off her face & float around. She reached limply to her left & flipped a switch, setting off a Hoover fitted into the sideboard designed to prevent loose fluids finding their way into the spacecraft's insides. A few tears slid off her face & into the vent. She yearned to take care of other fluids. The stale hum of the hoover had her thinking of the park, of the shallow howling of the wind as it ran its fingers through the tree’s branches & leaves - as if a lover playing with their lover’s hair, she thought. She pictured the geese kissing in the trees as the rain gathered & spat the faint residue of their musk of fervour onto Sally & her lover’s tryst. Sally wept in this dense daze until the park got dark as her & her lover sat on a damp bench labelled with a lady's name. They talked about how great it was that rain heads straight for the ground rather than floating around aimlessly in the air, & she kissed her lover on the face & with her lips felt it was wet with rain. The hoover stuttered as it struggled to inhale some of Sally’s hair that had slipped into the vent. She spent 4 hours untangling her hair & then watched someone unclogging drains online.